God is With Us… Always

Among the many promises of God is His assurance that He is always with us, no matter what we are going through. In Joshua 1:9, He tells us to be strong and to have courage. We do not need to fear because He will be with us wherever we go. In Exodus 14:14, He says that He will fight for us. In Psalm 23, David stands on God’s promise when he says that he will fear no evil because the Lord is with him.
What stands out to me about this promise is that it requires action on our part. God tells us not to fear, to be still, and to take heart. He says we need to be courageous. All of these things require that we focus on Him and allow His peace, His strength, His comfort to work in our hearts. He is always there, ready to give us the courage, peace, and comfort that we need. We need to open our hearts to Him and allow Him to do so.
Another thing that stands out in this promise is that God is not telling us that He will take away all of our trials and tribulations. In Isaiah 43, He says “when” you pass through the water and “when” you walk through the fire. He doesn’t say “if” and He doesn’t say He will keep us from them. We will pass through the waters and walk through the fire. But, He will not allow the water ro sweep over us or the fire to burn us. We will feel the wetness of the water and the heat of the fire, but they will not overcome us. In John 16:33, Jesus tells us that, in this world we will have trouble but, because He has overcome the world, we can have peace as we go through our trials and tribulations.
What an awesome promise from and awesome God! Thank You, Lord!

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