God is Fighting for Us

On any given day, if you search the movie listings, you are likely to see a movie listed that tells the story of one or more superheroes. Bookstores are filled with books and graphic novels featuring beings, both human and non-human, whose mission is to protect the rest of us from evil. They are there to fight for us.

Of course, these are fictional characters played by actors and created in the imaginations of writers and illustrators. But, there is one book in which we can find someone who truly can and will fight for us, someone who is not fictional or played by an actor, but is as real as we are. That book is the Bible, the written word of God.

Throughout His word, God proves time and time again that He is willing to fight for His people. He assures us in Exodus 14:14 that He will fight for us and all we have to do is be still. He tells is in Deuteronomy 3:22 that we do not need to fear our enemy because He Himself will take up the fight for us.

In the book of 1 Samuel, God tells us of an earthly king, David who, as a boy, faced a Philistine giant named Goliath. Although he was outmatched, David was not afraid as he went out to face the giant. Why? Because David understood that he was not fighting Goliath alone. God would be right there with David to help him defeat his enemy.
When we face trials in our lives, when we are battling against the things that the enemy throws at us, we do not need to fear. We can be still, be at peace, because not only will our God fight for us, but He has already defeated our enemy through the sacrifice of His Son, the King of kings, Jesus Christ, who willingly gave His life for us. As we are reminded in Romans 8:31, if our God is for us, there is no one who can stand against us.   


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