He Knows Everything About Us

During my quiet time one morning, I felt that God wanted to talk to me about worship, so I opened His Word. The Psalms seemed like the perfect place to start. I felt compelled to turn to Psalm 139. As I read this psalm, it became clear to me that God wasn’t speaking to me about worship after all. Instead, He was showing me how well He knows me and how much He is involved in my life.

What God was telling me is this: He knows everything about me, from the things I do to the things I think and say. And He knows them before they happen! He is always with me. He is in front of me. He is behind me. There is no place I can go that His presence is not in. He made me and He knows every part of me. He knows all of my days and the events in them before they have even occurred. One of the most awesome things He showed me was that He places His hand of blessing on my head.

Knowing that God knows all of this about me is a humbling thought. There are many things I have done and said in my life that I am not proud of. But, it is also a comforting and pleasant thought. What it means is that God loves and cares for me deeply. Why else would He want to be so much a part of my life? Of course, knowing all of this does instill in me a desire to worship Him. Guess that’s why I started out that day thinking He wanted to talk to me about worship!

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