A Proverbs 31 Wife

As I sat waiting on the Lord today, I thought about the devotions I had read. Most were about Christmas and full of lots of insight and inspiration. What did the Lord want to talk to me about today? What message did He have for me from the stories of Jesus’ birth? Maybe it was about gifts or about obedience to Him. Or perhaps it was about the peace that Jesus brings.

It turns out that it was none of those things–at least not for today. The Lord put my wife, Linda, in my thoughts and directed me to Proverbs 31. Today, He wanted me to honor my wife since it is her birthday.

God has blessed me with a wonderful woman as my wife. She is a woman of good character and is worth far more to me than any treasure. She always brings me good and never harm. And, just like the wife that Solomon speaks of in Proverbs 31:10-31, she fears the Lord and I praise her for that. And so, I give her honor today for all that she is and all that she does.

If you have a wife who blesses you the way mine does, be sure to let her know that. Speak the words of Proverbs 31 over her. She will be blessed and so will you.

Thank You, Lord, for blessing me with a wife who is such a treasure. Bless her today and every day. In Jesus’ name. Amen!

(Happy Birthday, Linda! I love you!)

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