The Good Shepherd

The Lord is speaking to me today about the comfort and peace that come from Jesus, the Good Shepherd. When we enter into a relationship with Him and accept Him as our Lord and Savior, we become part of His flock. The Good Shepherd knows His flock and His flock knows Him. Not only was He willing to give His life for His sheep, but He also actually did so (John 10:11-15).

In Isaiah 40:11, we read how much the Good Shepherd cares for His sheep. He gathers them in His arms and then holds them closely to His heart. How comforting it is to be held closely by Him, so close that you can hear His heartbeat.

Psalm 23:1-4 tells us that the Good Shepherd provides for us. He makes us lie down in green pastures where we can receive rest and comfort. He leads us beside still water where our souls can be refreshed. Then, just as a shepherd guides his flock, Jesus guides us, making sure that we stay on the right path. Because we are with Him and guided by Him, we have no need to fear evil. As long as we follow Him, we receive His comfort.

Lord, thank You for the comfort and peace that comes from walking with and being guided by You. Thank You for guiding us on the right path. In Jesus’ name. Amen!

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