The Light of the World

Jesus tells us that we are the light of the world and that we are to let our light shine to those around us so that they will be directed to God (Matthew 5:14-16). But where does this light of ours come from? And from where does it get its power to shine?

The light, of course, comes from Jesus. He is the light of the world (John 8:12) and has overcome the darkness (John 1:5). He is the source of our light, just as the sun is the source of the moon’s light. When the moon faces the sun, the light of the sun is reflected off the surface of the moon, bringing light to the dark sky at night. When the moon is full, the light it gives can be quite bright. The same holds true for us. When we follow Jesus, when we look fully on the face of the Son, the light that is reflected by our hearts can light up the darkness around us (John 8:12).

The power source for the light that shines from us is not from within ourselves. Jesus is the source of our light, and the power needed for our light to shine comes only from Him. As I reflected on this, the Holy Spirit put a picture in my mind of a flashlight. The light that comes from a bulb in a flashlight needs a power source–batteries. Without batteries, the bulb in a flashlight gives off no light. But when those batteries, the flashlight’s power source, are placed inside the flashlight, the bulb can shine brightly, bringing light to the darkness. When we are not connected to Jesus, our power source, we are not able to give off any light. But when we have Jesus in our lives and in our hearts, the light that shines from us is brilliant and can’t be overcome by darkness.

Stay connected to Jesus and let His light shine through you!

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