Isaiah 53:5

In my quiet time, I read Isaiah 53:5. This verse, which prophesied the suffering that Jesus would endure really sums up exactly what He did for us at Calvary.

Jesus suffered by being cruelly beaten, by having a crown of thorns on His head, and by being nailed by His hands and feet to the cross on which He would die. Why did He do this? For our transgressions and our iniquities. For the sin of which we all are guilty. He took our place and the punishment we deserved in order to bring peace to our lives, peace with God.

Through the wounds that He suffered we received healing, both spiritually and physically. He gave His life as a ransom for our sins, then rose from the grave, conquering death so we may have eternal life. He did all this because He loves us and wants us to have eternal life with Him and with our heavenly Father.

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