What does it mean to give someone or some thing glory? The dictionary defines glory as praise, honor, or distinction. So, when we give glory to a person or thing, we are declaring to the world that this person or thing holds a place of honor in our hearts, that we glorify them.

We glorify our children or our spouses by displaying their pictures on our desk, in our homes, or even in our wallets. We glorify our favorite sports teams by wearing team jerseys, hats and jackets, or displaying banners in our rooms or outside our homes. But, how do we glorify the one person who deserves that glory more than any person on earth or any earthly thing? How do we glorify God? Do we have God’s picture hanging on our walls or wear jerseys bearing His name? In this day and age, we might actually do these things, but are they the best ways to give Him glory?

God is worthy of glory and Scripture is very clear that we should give glory to God. Psalm 96:3 says that we should glorify Him among the nations of the world. We are instructed in Psalm 29:1-2 to give God the glory due His name. We can give glory to God by the way in which we live our lives. When we follow His ways and obey His commandments, His name is glorified. When we live lives that are holy, turning from sin, we glorify Him with our bodies and our spirits, which belong to Him (1 Corinthians 6:20). And we give glory to God when we seek to live in unity with each other, when we have the mind of Christ toward each other.

God saved us from our sins to show His glory. May the lives that we live give Him the glory, honor, and praise due His holy name!

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