The Perfect Helper

In the beginning, not only did God create the heavens and the earth, but He also performed the first surgery. Now that may sound crazy, but think about it. When God created the first woman, Eve, He did so by causing the first man, Adam, to fall into a deep sleep. He then opened up the man’s side, took out a rib, and closed up the opening (Genesis 2:21). God was the first surgeon!

What stands out to me when I read the account of the creation of woman (Genesis 2:20-22) is that God did not create a woman by just speaking her into being, nor did He use clay and breathe life into it to create a woman. God knew that, for this helper that He was creating for man to be the perfect helper, He needed to take a part of the man himself and form woman from it.

It’s interesting that, of all the parts He could have taken from the man, He chose to use a rib. Why not a piece of the man’s heart? Or, a piece of his brain? I believe that He chose a rib because it came from the man’s side and God created the woman to come alongside the man. She would be the perfect helper for the man.

Today, I celebrate the anniversary of the day that I married my beautiful wife, Linda. When I think of her, I see the person who God has brought to my life to come alongside me, to be exactly the right helper for me in my life. She may not have come from a rib taken from my side, but God created her to be the perfect helper for me. Lord, I thank you for giving me the perfect helper!

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