The Signs of the Times

On the Mount of Olives, Jesus spoke of the signs of the end times. He said that before the end times begin, we will hear of wars and rumors of wars. There will be famines and earthquakes. Believers will be persecuted for their faith, many people will turn from their faith, and wickedness will increase (Matthew 24:6-12).

When we look at the world today, all of these things that Jesus spoke of seem to be in the news on a regular basis. Terrorism is happening almost daily. The news is full of many kinds of evil. Earthquakes seem to be happening with greater frequency. Although only God knows when the end will actually take place (Matthew 24:36), it certainly feels very much like it is getting closer.

One positive sign of the coming of the end times is that the Gospel will be preached throughout the world. The rapid advances in technology over the past few decades have made the spread of the good news of Jesus Christ easier, faster, and more globally. The Gospel can reach more people now than at any point in history.

As believers, we must be watchful and ready for the end times and the return of Jesus Christ. But, we also need to do what we can to ensure that others are ready. We need to be carriers of the good news, just as Jesus instructed (Matthew 28:19-20). We need to be praying that God will open doors of opportunity to share the Gospel. We need to pray that we are able to share the message of Christ clearly. We must be sure that our behavior toward non-believers is in line with the that message. Our behavior and our speech must be full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that it is palatable to those with whom we share our faith. (Colossians 4:36)

God is patient. While the end times are inevitable and may come at any time, He does not want anyone to perish. His desire is that everyone should come to repentance and receive the gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ (2 Peter 3:9). As His children and recipients of His love, His mercy, and His grace, we are all called to do our part.

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