Reflecting the Image of God

We were created in the image of God. Whether we are male or female, God created us in His image (Genesis 1:27). But, what does it mean to be created in His image? What does God look like?

Since none of us has actually seen God, we don’t really know what He looks like. But, the image that we read about in Genesis is not a physical image. When we read that mankind was created in God’s image, it doesn’t mean that we have God’s eyes or God’s nose. It doesn’t mean that the shape of our face is just like His. Being created in God’s image means that we were created to be like Him. We were created to be loving, to be faithful, to be merciful, to be righteous, to be holy. We were created to reflect the attributes of God.

But, do we actually reflect those attributes? Do we reflect the image of God? When sin entered the world in the Garden of Eden, that image became tarnished. The image was blurred like a photograph taken out of focus. When sin entered the world, the image of man no longer reflected the image of God. But, God’s plan in creating mankind was for us to reflect His image, so He made a way for us to be brought back into focus, to be restored to His image. That way is Jesus Christ.

Jesus is the Son of God. He is the image of the invisible God (Colossians 1:15). He reflects all of the attributes of God the Father. So, if we want to see what God looks like, we need to look at Jesus. The Gospels give us a clear picture of Jesus. By looking at Jesus through the Gospels, by seeing at the things that He did, listening to the words that He spoke, and learning the things that He taught, we can also see a clear picture of our heavenly Father (John 14:8-10).

When we invite Jesus into our lives by accepting Him as our Lord and Savior, when we turn from our sin and follow Him, we receive the gift of salvation. When we accept that gift, we begin the process of sanctification. Sanctification means being made holy or “set apart” for God. It is a process that continues throughout our lives as the Holy Spirit transforms us into the likeness, or image, of Jesus (2 Corinthians 3:18). And although that process will not be totally completed until Jesus returns, from the moment we receive salvation, we once more begin to reflect the image in which we were created, the image of God, our heavenly Father.

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