Creation as Proof of God’s Faithfulness

A look around this planet on which we live gives testimony to the God who created it all. When you look at the vast and wonderful variety that exists in both plant and animal life, the majesty and splendor of mountain ranges, the vastness of the oceans, and the incredible complexity that exists in all of this, it is hard to believe that it all came about by accident. Nature itself is probably the best proof that there is a Creator, and that Creator is God.

God created the heavens and the earth and all of their incredible variety (Genesis 2:1). With no need for words, the heavens and the earth shout out the work of His mighty hand (Psalm 19:1). God’s eternal power and His divine nature are evident in all of creation, so evident that people really have no excuse not to believe that there is, in fact, a God (Romans 1:20).

Creation also gives testimony to God’s faithfulness. This stood out to me today as my wife and I drove around our neighborhood. As we drove, I looked at the flowers and the trees that have begun to bloom as we move through the spring. Flowers that have not been seen since last spring are once again springing up from the ground, just as they do every year. Buds and flowers have begun to appear on the trees, soon to give way to leaves of green, just as they do every year. Birds have begun gathering twigs to build nests for the eggs that they will soon lay, just as they do every year. These are things that we can count on and they testify to the faithfulness of the God who created them.

God’s faithfulness is something that we can count on. His faithfulness is so vast and so great that we are told in Psalm 36:5 that it reaches to the skies. God’s faithfulness is never-ending. It goes on and on, from generation to generation and, just like the earth that He created, His faithfulness endures forever (Psalm 119:90).

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