Our 24/7 God

We live in a society where people want access to things 24/7. We have 24-hour fast food restaurants, 24-hour pharmacies, and 24-hour convenience stores. In 1977, Citibank introduced the first 24-hour ATM’s, giving people access to their money around the clock. That led to the advertising slogan, “The Citi never sleeps.” While it is debatable as to whether or not we really need all these things, many people probably take comfort in knowing they are there.

In Scripture, we learn that there is something else that is available to us 24/7, something that we truly do need and something that is of more comfort than 24-hour ATM’s. That something is actually someone, and that someone is God. Psalm 121:3 tells us that the God who keeps us will never slumber. Just as the “Citi never sleeps,” so our God never sleeps. He is there at all times, when we are awake and when we are asleep. Day and night, He is watching over us.

When we are anxious, He is there to calm us. When we are grieving, He is there to comfort us. When we face a difficult decision, He is there to give us wisdom. When we are weak, He is there to give us strength. When we are lost, He is there to guide us. And, when we are happy, He is there to rejoice with us. No matter what our circumstances, God is there, and He is there at all times. All that we need to do is call out to Him and He will answer. All we need to do is set our eyes on Him and He is at our right hand (Psalm 16:8).

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