Psalm 37: He Will Not Forsake His Saints

A look at the newspapers or a glance at TV news these days is enough to cause anyone to worry about the condition of our nation and the world. Evil abounds and the wicked seem to be prevailing. Violence and hatred are rampant, terrorism is an almost daily occurrence, and immorality knows no bounds. It’s disheartening, to say the least. So, how do we deal with all of this evil? How do we keep it from bringing us down? God has provided an answer to these questions in Psalm 37.

God tells us that we should not fret over those who do evil, for they will fade like the grass (Psalm 37:1). The evil will one day be cut off, they will be no more (Psalm 37:9-10). Although evil seems to be prevailing, one day it will be the righteous and the meek who will inherit the earth and delight in the peace that God provides (Psalm 37:11). And although the wicked may come against those who are upright, their evil ways will one day be turned against them (Psalm 37:14-15).

As we wait for the day when evil will no longer prevail in this world, there are several things that we can and should do. First, we should trust in the Lord, showing that trust by doing good and being faithful (Psalm 37:3). We should also delight in the Lord and commit our ways to Him. When we do, His Word promises that He will act by bringing forth our righteousness (Psalm 37:5-6). Rather than fret over the evil of this world, we should wait patiently and quietly for the Lord (Psalm 37:7). Finally, we must refrain from anger and avoid wrath. These things only lead to evil (Psalm 37:8).

God is in control. He hates evil but loves justice. And while the wicked will one day perish and be cut off, God will never forsake His saints. Those who walk in His ways, who turn from evil and do good, will dwell with Him forever (Psalm 37:27-29).

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