The Right Tool for the Right Task

A master carpenter knows exactly what tools to use to accomplish the work at hand. When driving in nails, or even removing nails, the carpenter will turn to a claw hammer. To make long cuts across the grain of a piece of lumber, the carpenter may use a circular saw. If the cut is going against the grain, the carpenter may opt for a handsaw. And, for the purpose of measurements, the carpenter will employ such tools as a tape measure, a square, or a level. Using the right tool for the right purpose makes all the difference in getting a project done correctly and efficiently.

Jesus was born as the son of a carpenter named Joseph. It is likely that Joseph taught Jesus his trade as He was growing up. Jesus probably learned the right tool for the right job in His earthly father’s carpentry business. And, because Jesus was the Son of God, in His years of ministry here on earth, Jesus knew the right “tool” to use to accomplish His heavenly Father’s work in His encounters with people. When teaching was needed, Jesus taught. When healing was needed, Jesus healed. When comforting was needed, He comforted. And, when challenging or rebuking was needed, He used those “tools” as well.

As believers, we are the “tools” that God uses to accomplish His purposes here on earth. He knows the right “tool” for the right purpose. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, God has given each of us certain gifts and abilities so that His work can be accomplished, His church can be built up, and His glory can be revealed. If we have received comfort from God, we know what comfort looks like and God is able to use us to comfort others (2 Corinthians 1:4). If we have been given the gift of prophecy, we should prophesy in proportion to our faith. If our gift is serving, we should serve. If it is teaching, we should teach. If it is giving, we should give generously (Romans 12:6-8). God gives us the gift. It is our responsibility to be available to Him, to allow Him to use us for His purpose.

We all have gifts, and we can all be used by God. A master carpenter may find that one of his tools is no longer of any use and so he discards it and replaces it with a new one. But God can use us no matter what we have been through and no matter what we have done. All we need to do is be available to Him, to turn from sin and accept His Son, Jesus, as Savior. He will mold us into a “tool” that will be used to accomplish His will and His work on earth and give Him the glory that He deserves.

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