Eve of Destruction

In the 60’s, American singer-songwriter Barry McGuire released a song called “Eve of Destruction.” This song spoke to what McGuire felt were signs that the end of the world was near. We were on the “eve of destruction,” a time when wars, violence, natural disasters, and the like were pointing to the end of this world as we know it. Decades have passed since that song was written and the end has not come, but there are still signs that we are living in end times.

It is so easy to get caught up in looking at what is going on the world. Terrorism is rampant throughout the world. Countries are at odds with each other with the threat of war, and even nuclear war, becoming more and more real. Hate and violence threaten to tear our nation apart. And earthquakes and other natural disasters are occurring with more frequency and with more devastation than ever before. We are in the midst of the storm, and it can be downright frightening when we focus our attention on the storm.

Instead of looking at the storm, we should be focusing our attention on the One who calms the storm. Rather than keeping our eyes on the storm, our eyes should be on Jesus. In Matthew 14:28-31, seeing Jesus walk on water, Peter says, “Lord, if that is You, command me to walk on the water.” Jesus does so and Peter steps out of the boat, his eyes on Jesus and not on the wind that had been tossing the boat around. He begins to walk on the water toward Jesus. But, as soon as he takes his eyes off of Jesus and focuses back on the wind, he begins to sink.

The conditions in the world today point to end times. But, as believers, we need to keep our focus on Jesus rather than on the world around us. He controls the storms, and it is through Him we can find peace. And, rather than concerning ourselves with looking for the signs that the end is near and He is returning, we need to make sure not only that we are ready, but also that we are doing our part to make sure that others are, too.

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