God’s "Tunnel Vision"

The loss of peripheral vision is called tunnel vision. When a person suffers from tunnel vision, he retains only central vision, the result of which is a constricted circular field of vision which resembles a tunnel. The term tunnel vision can also be applied to someone who is reluctant to consider alternatives to his preferred line of thought. That person is so set on looking at things one way that he is not open to seeing things differently.

When it comes to looking at people, God has a kind of tunnel vision. Scripture tells us that the eyes of the Lord are focused on the righteous. The righteous occupy God’s central field of vision. And not only are His eyes focused on the righteous, but His ears are inclined to them as well, so that He hears their cry (Psalm 34:15). God is on the side of the righteous, protecting them and shielding them (Psalm 34:17).

On the other hand, God’s face is turned against those who do evil (Psalm 34:16). But, while His eyes may be focused on the righteous, the wicked or unrighteous should not think that this means they can get away with sin and wickedness. God sees all and knows all. And while the righteous, those who live a Christ-like life, will be delivered by God on the day of the Lord, those who live sinfully, rejecting the Lord, will receive the judgment that they have earned.

It’s clear that the better place to be is in God’s “tunnel vision,” to be among those whom He will redeem and deliver from the judgment that we all truly deserve as a result of sin. And the way to stay in the center of God’s vision is to turn from sin, to stand with His Son, Jesus Christ, to accept Him as Savior, and to walk in His ways.

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