God’s Love: Stronger Than a Hurricane

In the past few weeks, several Caribbean islands, as well as the states of Florida and Texas have experienced hurricanes that have been like no other hurricane before them. After Hurricane Harvey wreaked havoc in Texas, Hurricane Irma whipped through the Atlantic, decimating several islands. Irma then tore up the Gulf coast of Florida, bringing destruction with it. The size and force of Hurricane Irma were historic and sent people in southern Florida fleeing for their lives. These storms were immense and had meteorologists amazed at just how immense and fierce they were.

When we look at God’s love for us, we should be just as amazed as the meteorologists were as they watched these storms. God’s love is stronger than a hurricane. It is more powerful than the strongest winds produced by these monster storms. But, unlike a hurricane, God’s love does not wreak havoc in our lives, it does not bring destruction with it. God’s love brings peace into our hearts, and salvation to the lives of those who accept His love by believing in His Son, Jesus Christ.

God’s love is so strong that He gave His only Son, Jesus, to pay the penalty for our sins (John 3:16). The intensity of God’s love was evident at Calvary, as Jesus was nailed to a cross and gave His final breath, taking upon Himself the sins of us all. That love is available to all who believe that Jesus died for us, turn from their sins, and allow Him to be Lord of their lives as they follow Him. Because of God’s great love for us, we are more than conquerors (Romans 8:37). His love gives us victory over sin and there is nothing that can separate us from His love, not tribulation, not distress or persecution, not famine, nakedness, danger or sword (Romans 8:35).

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