Science is always on the lookout for an explanation for how the world that we live in came to be. There are scientists who devote their lives to trying to discover how the earth, and the life that inhabits it, was created. A recent scientific research study believes it has the answer. The theory being presented states that meteorites crashed into ponds on the earth causing self-replicating RNA molecules to form as a result of ideal nutrients in the water. This all happened about 4.2 billion years ago, give or take a few years. And then, those RNA molecules transformed into DNA molecules thanks to evolution. Huh?

The key point here, as in all of these scientific explanations, is that it is a theory. It is not fact. Science is limited to the present. Scientists can only analyze data from the present time, no matter how expensive and high-tech the equipment they use may be. These theories are basically a scientist’s best guess as to what happened. But, the one thing that science and faith have in common is this: both agree that something was created out of nothing. The creation of the world was a supernatural event.

God’s Word tells us that, in the beginning, the earth was without form. It contained nothing; it was void and enveloped in darkness (Genesis 1:2). But then, God spoke and the world as we know it was created. He spoke night and day into existence. He spoke, and trees, plants, rocks, and hills were created. He spoke, and animals, birds, insects, fish, and all living creatures filled the earth. We may not be able to adequately explain how all these things came into being, but we know who caused them to do so.

The majesty and wonder of this world that we live in all point to the fact that it was the creation of a supreme being, someone all-knowing and all-powerful. And that Someone is God. From where I sit, it’s a whole lot easier to believe that than to believe in a meteor shower 4.2 billion years ago.

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