Trust in God

In just a little over a month, my wife and I adopted two greyhounds, Toby and Flo. As I sat looking at these two beautiful dogs yesterday, the word “trust” came to my mind. Although to them we were perfect strangers, they were willing to get into our car and travel home with us to a place they had never been before. Why? For one thing, greyhounds love people. But I believe it’s more than that. I believe that these two dogs believe that they can trust us.

When dogs trust someone, they are putting their confidence in that person. They are relying and depending on that person to be there for them when they need him or her. They trust that person to feed them, to take care of their needs, to guide them, and to give them love. As I reflected on this, I felt the Holy Spirit telling me that the trust that my dogs are showing me is an example of the kind of trust we should have in God.

God is trustworthy. This is affirmed throughout Scripture, especially when it comes to His promises to His people. God always comes through on His promises. When we, as believers, have faith in God, we are putting our trust in His person and in His character. It’s important for us to place our trust in God and, when we do, it will find expression in a life that is lived according to His purposes.

When we truly trust in God, we are placing that trust in His unfailing love, rejoicing in the salvation He gives us through His Son, Jesus (Psalm 13:5). When we truly trust in God, we are believing that He will provide for our daily needs (Matthew 6:11) and that He will stand by His promises to us (Romans 4:20-21). And, when we truly trust in God, we do so with all our hearts, knowing that He will always guide us on the right path (Proverbs 3:5-6).

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