Passed Down Through the Generations

In families, there are many things that get passed down from generation to generation. There are family heirlooms, pieces of jewelry that can be traced back many generations. There are family riches that came about due to the hard work and good fortune of a past generation. There are family traditions, like things that a family does to celebrate a holiday. Things that get passed down in this way are treasured by each succeeding generation.
In the family of God, there is also something that gets passed through the generations. It is something that should be treasured far more than gold, silver, or any other riches. That something is the God’s covenant. In the book of Genesis, God makes a covenant with Abraham, promising to give Abraham the land of Canaan and to be his God (Genesis 17:7). As part of the covenant, each male in Abraham’s family must be circumcised (Genesis 17:9-10). In making this covenant, God promises Abraham that He will always be his God as well as the God of his descendants after him (Genesis 17:8). In other words, God’s covenant with Abraham gets passed down from generation to generation.
As believers, we now live under a new covenant. God has established this covenant through His Son, Jesus Christ. In fulfillment of His promises, God gave Jesus as a sacrifice for our sin. Jesus willingly gave His life to pay the penalty for sin that we rightfully deserved. Our part in the covenant is to turn from our sin, confess Jesus as Lord and Savior, and follow His ways. The gift of eternal life is a treasure available to each of us and for all who come after us.

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