Doing What Pleases the Lord

In Ephesians 5:10, the apostle Paul tells us that we should try to determine what pleases the Lord. But, how do we do that? In verse 8, we are told that at one point, we were in darkness (Ephesians 5:8). When we were living in the darkness because of our sin, we lived in ignorance, blind to the truth that comes from God.  That blindness prevented us from knowing what is pleasing to the Lord. But, because we now have the light that comes from the Lord, we are able to see the truth. But, just seeing the truth is not enough. There is something required on our part, we must live as children of the light.

When we live as children of the light, that light will produce in us the things that are good and true (Ephesians 5:9). And, then, we are able to discover, to discern what it is that pleases God. When we live as children of the light, allowing His light to make His truth clear to us, then we will not be conformed to the ways of the world. Instead, our hearts and minds will be transformed. When our minds are transformed, when they are renewed by God’s truth, then we will be able to discern God’s will, the things that are pleasing to Him. And, the things that please God, the things that are in His will, are good, acceptable, and perfect (Romans 12:2).

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