Want Peace? Seek Wisdom!

peace in sand

In a world full of political unrest, where people fight against each other with actions and with words, peace is something that many of us find lacking. But peace is something that I’m sure each and every one of us desires. Peace among nations, peace among our fellow citizens, peace in our families, and peace in our individual lives. True peace comes from God; it is found only in His character. Isaiah 9:6 refers to Jesus as the Prince of peace. 1 Thessalonians 5:23 and Philippians 4:9 speak of the “God of peace.” And Philippians 4:7 tells us that the peace of God, a peace that surpasses our limited human understanding, is the peace that will guard our hearts and our minds. So, how do we get that peace? We get it through praying to the God of peace. We get it through a relationship with the Jesus, the Prince of peace. We get it by allowing the Holy Spirit to live within us, to guide us each and every day. And, we get it through wisdom.

“Wait,” you say. “How do we get peace through wisdom? What does wisdom have to do with peace?” That’s a very good question! I’m glad you asked. There is a definite connection between peace and wisdom. But I’m not just talking about any wisdom here.  I’m talking about heavenly wisdom, the wisdom from above. It’s the wisdom that comes from the One who created this world, the wisdom of God. It is wisdom that comes from understanding God’s ways, a wisdom that begins by living our lives with a healthy fear of God (Proverbs 9:10). When we have this kind of wisdom, we live lives that are marked by honor, lives identified by good works done with humility (James 3:13). What this wisdom is not is the wisdom of man, earthly wisdom (James 3:15). Relying on earthly wisdom leads to arrogance. It leads to jealousy and selfish ambition. And where these things exist, disorder and evil of every kind will follow (James 3:16). Peace cannot exist alongside disorder and evil!

On the other hand, the wisdom that comes from above, the heavenly wisdom, is pure. It is wisdom that loves peace, that is always gentle and willing to be considerate of others. It is a wisdom that is full of mercy and compassion. It is wisdom that bears good fruit, that shows no favoritism to anyone and is, above all, sincere (James 3:17). One thing that stands out about all of these characteristics is that they are selfless and nonaggressive. When we demonstrate these characteristics in the way by which we live our lives, when we live by heavenly wisdom, we live in such a way as to show greater concern for others than for ourselves. And when we value others more than ourselves, we become peacemakers, sowing the seeds of peace to reap a harvest of righteousness (James 3:18).

Want peace? Seek wisdom, the wisdom from above.

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