Everyone Has a Story to Tell


On Sunday, September 9, my church hosted a guest speaker named Sujo John. Sujo was a survivor of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center on 9/11/2001, and he had an awesome story to share about how God brought him through the horrors of that day. God really changed Sujo’s life on that day and is using him in an amazing way to reach people with the Gospel. Since 9/11, he has left the corporate world and has founded You Can Free Us, a ministry that fights against human trafficking (www.youcanfree.us).

As he told his story and shared about how God has worked in his life, Sujo pointed out that everyone has a story to tell. Our individual stories may not be as dramatic as Sujo’s is, but when we take time to look at our lives, we all can find times in our lives when God was there, leading us through a crisis, or guiding us in the path He has laid out for us. God knows us intimately. He knew us even before we were conceived in our mothers’ wombs (Jeremiah 1:5). He knows every hair on our heads and every cell in our bodies. And, as we go through life, He is there, watching over us every step of the way.

But God does not control our lives like a puppeteer controlling a marionette. God gave us free will and the ability to choose that path that we will follow in life. He allows us to write our own story. And, as we go through life, we will have many choices to make. We can choose the things we wish to learn. We can choose a career path. We can choose the person we wish to marry and spend our lives with, or we may choose to live single. We can even choose between good and evil, right or wrong. The choices we make will determine, to a great extent, the path that our lives will take.

While God does not make our choices for us, we can be sure that, when we need Him, we can call on Him and He will be there for us. Scripture tells us that God never changes and that He will be the same throughout our lives, even to our old age. God made us and He will care for us (Isaiah 46:4). He has cared for us since we were born, even before we were born, and He promises to be our God throughout our lives, until our hair is white with age. And He promises that, if we allow Him to, if we ask Him to, He will carry us through our lives. He will bear us up in times of trouble and will be with us in times of joy. We just need to choose to allow Him to help us to write our story.

Everyone has a story to tell. Who is writing yours?

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