Don’t Live in Fear

Fear is a human response to something that is either threatening to us or that we cannot grasp or control. Feeling fear is not wrong, but we should not live in fear or let it control us. Psalm 46 tells us why we should not live in fear.

Psalm 46:1 says that God is our refuge, a place where we can go when fear threatens to overtake and control us. It also says that He is our strength. We can rely on Him to uphold us through our fears. But, the thing that really stands out to me in this verse is that He is our very present help in trouble.

Think about that for a moment. He is not just our help but our very present help. When we are in those times of trouble, when the situation we find ourselves in is causing fear to rise in us, He is always there. Not sometimes, not once in a while, but always. All we need to do is reach out to Him and He will help us. Now that is good reason not to live in fear.

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