Do Everything Without Complaining

This morning, I happened to read Philippians 2:14-15. In verse 14, Paul writes that we should do everything without complaining, or grumbling, depending on which translation you read. When I read these verses, I felt very convicted. I don’t do everything without complaining. I don’t do everything without grumbling. If something I am being asked or required to do is inconvenient or bothersome, I may do it but I will complain and grumble as I do.

In these verses, God is telling me that, if I want to shine, if I want to be His light in this dark world, then I need to act differently from the way in which the world acts. The world teaches that it’s okay to put ourselves first. Do what feels right for you! If you don’t want to do something because it’s inconvenient, don’t do it! But, as a child of God, I need to live in such a way that no one can criticize me. That begins by having a giving and caring heart, a heart that enables me to do not just some things, but everything without complaining or grumbling. That’s the kind of heart that allows me to shine His light in the world.

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