Look Up!

“Look up!”

In My quiet time with God this morning, these are the words that I heard in my head. I let these words play in my heart for a while and was soon reminded of the words of Psalm 121:1-3. The Lord was reminding me this morning is that, in our times of trouble, we need to look to Him. We need to look up, lifting our eyes to heaven, for that is where we will find the help that we need. Our help is found in our God, whose throne is in the heavens (Psalm 123:1).

Our God hears our prayers. He hears the cries that we lift up to Him as we turn our eyes and our hearts to look up at Him (Psalm 5:2-3). He is our strength and our shield. When we trust in Him with our hearts, He is there to help us (Psalm 28:7). Psalm 46:1-3 says that God is not just our help sometimes and not just our help in the small things. He is our very present help. He is there to help us all the time and He is there to help even when our world is crumbling down all around us.

When you are faced with trials and tribulations, when you need healing or comfort, look up. God is there listening to your cry and He is ready to help.

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