Withstanding the Storms of Life

Anyone who has experienced a hurricane knows the devastation and destruction a storm like that can bring. Rain, floods, winds, and storm surges. Storms that rise out of a hurricane season have the ability to do tremendous damage. They can literally tear a house from its foundation and sweep it away.

Life has its own hurricane seasons, times when the storms of life bring devastation and destruction to our lives and the lives of our loved ones. Financial problems, job loss, sickness, marital problems. These are things that can tear us from our foundation and sweep us away, unless that foundation is built on the Rock, the Lord Jesus Christ.

When Jesus is our foundation, when we abide in Him by listening to His word and doing what it says, there is no storm than sweep us away (Matthew 7:23-25). When our hearts are focused on Him, He is right beside us and we will not be moved (Psalm 16:8). Jesus is our Rock and our salvation. He is our fortress. With Him in our lives, we will never be shaken by the storms of life (Psalm 62:2).

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